Ask RB2

Featured questions will be posted here each month with answers from Rob. Do you have a question for Rob? Email it to [email protected], and it may be chosen as a featured question.


Question #1: Do you have any advice for someone pursuing a kicking career?

Rob: Definitely attend some kicking camps in your area. Learn from those camps and apply what you learn when you practice on your own. Practice hard and consistent like it was a game. Stick to practicing your mechanics and technique each time your on the field. Listen to the coaches. They know what they’re doing when instructing, and avoid practicing when your leg’s too tired.


Question #2: Do you do any camps or private lessons during the off-season?

Rob: At this point in time, I only donate a couple of private kicking clinics to some charity auctions in the area. Craig Hentrich, who is now retired after 17 years in the NFL, has however begun giving private lessons and group lessons. His website is